How to get away with Murder of-Your weeds from your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

Catchy title right?  At our inn we are in a constant struggle of good vs. bad.  Righteous vs. wicked and where my flower beds are concerned….I must prevail.  Garden Arbor with blooming Wisteria. Pink blooming Almond Tree.

Some folks feel that weeding is not really a requirement for a garden.  I too agree that it’s not necessary to kill every single weed but sometimes, when we’ve had the good fortune to be the recipient of a good deal of rain, what began as only a sporadic weed here and there can rapidly become such a forest you can no longer even enjoy the beauty of the flowers you worked so hard to foster.  

We manage weeds here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn the largely the old fashioned way; we pull them out.  Sometimes though, in really large area’s like driveways and pathways, that is not always a practical solution.  Enter, this non-toxic, very economical, nearly permanent- with repeated applications weed killer. It’s application will not in any way create a health hazard to the gardener and it’s kind and respectful to Mother Earth.  A guest gave me this recipe which she was kind enough to share.  Sometimes, these concoctions don’t really work but having tried this one, both my guest and I have enjoyed really good success.

Recipe # 1:  The Killer Diller.  Use this recipe for areas that you are never going to plant.  Driveways, pathways. I have another one I’ll put in the next blog for weeds in flower bed 

I mix this for use in a two gallon bucket and then distribute into my sprayer for use.  The products below do not have to be of expensive quality.  Remember,  you are not cooking. You are making weed killer.     

1 gallon of vinegar 

2 cups of salt

Stir the salt in the vinegar trying to get as much of the salt to become solute as is possible.  It will largely be completely absorbed.  Leave in the sun for a bit to heat the vinegar.  It helps to create solute.  

Lastly, add 1 tsp of Dawn.  It is dawn I use because that’ what we already have for dish soap here at the inn but any dish soap would likely work.

Voila, you are finished.  No harmful, possibly carcinogenic chemicals, very, very economical and if, while using, you get some on yourself…No worries.

It is the repeated addition of salt to the area that will, in short time, create an environment in which the salinity of the soil creates such an unfavorable growing atmosphere that the weeds no longer return in that area at all.  To achieve the best results, spray on a sunny day where no rain is imminent.  

Happy Weed Murdering to you!  Let me know of your success and may all your pathways in life be blissful and weed free.  




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