Annual Farm Tour 2017 Asheville NC

For a girl born and raised in New York City the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project’s Farm Tour was a grand opportunity to view up close and personal how field to table works in real terms.  Red Strawberries dipped in Chocolate on platter

This tour offers its participants an opportunity to see farm animals and farm operation from A-Z with a guide available from each farm well versed in each farm’s procedure.  2017 will offer the 9th year of this project in a town whose restaurants really seek and use local farm produce and other goods to create the vibrant food scene those visiting Asheville have come to expect.  

This agritourism event will showcase 21 local farms  and it is expected to prove a big visitor draw.  Last year’s tour 41% of ticket buyers were out of town-ers. Some locals attend the tour to buy chickens for their homes.  Some are there to enjoy a lovely summertime day while seizing an opportunity to pick some local berries which will later appear on cereal or in desserts.  Some tour goers, like myself, on my first farm tour, were raised in more urban environments and had never experienced the real learning opportunity this farm tour presents. Before this tour is completed you will have information on permaculture, slope farming, learning how to farm a lot of food in a contained space and  the newest and best farming practices.  I guarantee you’ll have a good time.  

Who:  The local farming community

What:  The 2017 Farm Tour, Asheville NC

Where:  21 local farms.  Pick a grower you are interested in or try and experience as many as you can. Countines included:  Buncombe, Henderson and Madison Counties.  

When:  June 24 and June 25, 2017 Saturday and Sunday Noon -5:00 p.m. 

Ticket Cost:  $30/carload in advance Tickets and Farm Tour Information

$40/a carload if  purchased at the individual farm.  

If a day in the sunshine coupled with an interesting and very fun learning experience sounds like a great idea to you-I hope to see you there.  

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