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I love to watch the national news.  My friends and certainly my sister believe this is bordering on an obsession. In general terms, the weather has not been the focus of my obsession but all that disinterest has morphed into concern, feelings of needing to help and to be honest, feelings of gratitude that I don’t live in the places occupying the national headlines recently.  From Moore, Oklahoma  to the flooding in the America’s heartland, both the Mississippi River and the Missouri River wreaking havoc on adjacent towns, it should be clear even to the skeptics that our weather patterns are taking on an ominous picture.
Searing heat in the West with record temperatures recorded in spring make thinking about what summer could bring forth both scary and uncomfortable.

Asheville, located in Western North Carolina has missed the bullet on all these tragedies so far.  We are temperate, today’s high not even 80 degrees, views of the mountains surrounding this haven free for the looking and simply beautiful.  Our area is very nearly perfect for any outdoor activity you can imagine.  From mountain biking, to hiking, to whitewater rafting, the weather will likely not only cooperate but enhance your vacation time here.We’d love to host your visit.

Waterfalls at 254 Cumberland Avenue

Many forecasting weather in our area make reference to the fact that mountain ranges surrounding our city make it a bit more challenging to predict weather here.  It is a cited reason why when massive rain is seen on doppler  to the west of Asheville,  we often get only a smattering,  with the much needed rain system being broken down or diverted entirely by the spiring mountains it encounters. This has been a problem in years past creating very dry summers leaving all the florals in the gardens at the inn looking completely desperate. 

Weather is uncertain anywhere but I am now a 14 year resident and feel blessed and also called to help my neighbors in other areas of the country where this 2013 Weather system may prove to be one for the record books. 

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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  1. I cannot even imagine how scary those things are. We have always dealt with hurricanes before moving to Asheville. Supremely destructive on occasion but adequate notice for protective action. Not so tornado appearance.

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