Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you ask most folks to describe Valentine’s Day and what it means they will begin with statements like, “It’s a celebration of love.”
Couple that with dreams of romance, a fine date done so well that one is sure it will live long and prosper in “happy remembering land” and you begin to get an idea of the pressures of coming up with something memorable to mark the day.
The pressure is on-all the television commercials tell us we must succeed in this or be doomed.    Unfortunately, many of the recommendations forwarded as the most effective means of conveying how much you love your Valentine are somewhat over the top.  I mean, a two carat diamond necklace, a trip to Bermuda are certainly not chopped liver but they are also not within the careful budgets many of us live in currently.

Gary and I have been married 42 years and have enjoyed times of more and times of less.  I agree that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love but I also think that can be blissfully accomplished in supremely thoughtful and less expensive ways. These ideas are funded by thoughtfulness, created with kindness and received with heart filled gratitude and sometimes happy surprise. My Nana impressed upon me that you will always remember how someone made you feel.  In keeping with that thought here are ideas.

Some ideas:

1.  Invite your Valentine to a picnic you have created,  It doesn’t have to be complex or complicated.  Go to a favorite shared spot or your own backyard.  Their favorite music playing shows you have thought about this special time and desired to create a nice experience for them. That’s the gift!

2. Bring the morning coffee along with a note describing the first time you saw them, the feelings that sight engendered and how lucky you feel to be with them.

3. When the night is done place a love note on your Valentine’s pillow with 5 reasons why your life is better for having them in it.  Make them real and make them true and they will resonate and be appreciated.

4.  Every Valentine loves touch.  A certificate for a foot rub, a back scratch or head scratch is a gift of love that is free and always appreciated.

5.  The truth of the matter is that NOTHING is more romantic than real consideration of another.  If your relationship is long term and involves, children, a family, a job and the working realities of living life- even more opportunities abound.  Take out the garbage if that is your Valentine’s normal job.  Pick up the children if that is not your normal job.  Make the dinner and clean it all up, vacuum the floor, fold the clothes, feed the dog, gas up the ca or wash it.   Sometimes every persons “to do” list seems legion.  The very fact you noticed that will show your Valentine you see them and their struggles.  Making an effort to lighten your beloveds job is as romantic a gesture as exists.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Hope we have inspired you to make it the kind of special love that money cannot buy.    

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