Asheville North Carolina Bed and Breakfast and the reality of the hidden bargain-Part Two

This is the follow up of another blog in which I highlight Asheville North Carolina Bed and Breakfast and the reality of the hidden bargain.
I once had a caller At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn who was a very up front guy.  He was humorous from the start and basically just chatted me up for a bit on the phone with some enquiry questions about how long we had owned the inn, did we enjoy it etc. We had a nice talk.  Just out of the blue, he said..” Do you really think that bed and breakfasts are a better deal than hotel?”  Not missing a beat, I replied “Absolutely I do.”  I continue my reasons started in the January 12 Blog below.

1.  Most folks are visiting an area because some aspect of this location interested them. Now, hotels have concierge service as we discussed in the first blog- but innkeepers not only reside in the area but many of them have lived there for a long time.  They too have interests and likely some of them are the same things that interest you.  I say this because in owning our inn for nearly 13 years, I am now of the opinion that each inn, different as they all are, attracts folks not so dissimilar to the owners of the inn. Likely this occurs as most guests are attracted to an inn’s website.  Most owners figured larger than life in the design of their site.  They delivered their hopes, loves, concepts of beauty and style to their site and guests that seek them out found resonance. Hence, similarity and like kind.  So, when you tell your innkeeper your hopes and dreams of “things to do” on vacation… they not only likely know where you can accomplish this but where the best place is to deliver exactly the experience you were searching for.

2.  I addressed in the earlier blog about inns being a more intimate venue.  Regardless of your personality; introvert, extrovert or your desire to be intimately engaged with either guests or your innkeeper, I still extoll the preference of a smaller venue.  Why?
When one gets into “hundreds of rooms” it would simply be impossible to dedicate the exactitude to so many that can be accomplished in smaller venues.  Further, the cookie cutter deal existent in other accommodations really take the “cozy” out of travel.  Relaxation is contingent on comfort.  Innkeepers take comfort to a new level.
I am not only referring to comfort in your physical surroundings but also and most importantly, to your psychological surroundings.  Innkeepers deal with people every day and not surprisingly they become very intuitive about what will make each individual guest feel comfort.  Even less surprising is that many innkeepers had professions in which they were “people assisting” in whatever form that took long before they donned innkeeper hats.  If, for example, you are a person that prefers not to engage personally with others and think that precludes you from being an inn-goer.  Au contrair!  If you would prefer to have less than more contact with your innkeeper- this will likely be apparent to your innkeeper and providing your personal space will be their pleasure.  If the morning breakfast is something you would prefer to enjoy only in company of your own companion- most inns can help you achieve this goal.  Coffee can be had on the porch or you can arrive toward the end of the service meaning most folks are finished, will vacate the table and leave you in blissful peace to enjoy your morning paper or dedicate yourself to your companion.   

3.  Just like home, only better.  This phrase is said so many times in our reviews posted on Google, Trip Advisor, YMLP and other review sources that I set about to discover some actual benchmarks that I thought were measureable to get a better understanding of the comment.

a.  Experience:  When evaluating vacations and deciding which ones were WOW and which ones fell short, one is generally not evaluating any one specific restaurant, activity etc.  They are evaluating the sum and total experience. I firmly believe in all the possible items of measurements…Inn Owners make that experience a better one.

b.  Service:  Everyone loves a fine breakfast.  Most of us don’t get one at home.  We content ourselves with a bowl of cheerios, a piece of fruit.  Why?  We don’t want to take the time to make it and to be honest….We don’t want to clean it up and the “little elves” are off for the day.
Home only better- could possibly entail that lovely breakfast is presented for your enjoyment.  It is hot, fresh, locally sourced when possible and presented for you as a feast for your eyes and palate.  Oh, and by the way…our little elves did not get the day off.  So, when breakfast is finished your hardest job going forward is to decide how you will be enjoying the rest of your day.

Service however, transcends dining and you will enjoy it in spades At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn.  It is really quite simple.  Whatever would make your day better in any way…It’s about you and we would like to help it happen in any way that will make you smile. 

Do you need to smile a bit more?  Would you like to have someone care about whether your day is stacking up as a good one?  Could you enjoy a few lovely nights away in a quiet, serene but oh so fun place complete with people on hand to see to it that if you are thinking about it and believe it would be fun- they can help you find it?  We specialize in all the above and would love to make it a great day for you At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn. Call us  or visit us online. Winter Rates are sizzling hot! Smile More, come see us!


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