New Year’s Eve Thoughts from your Asheville Historic District Victorian Inn

 Nearly every evening we watch all or some portion of the nightly news.  I am sure many of you have been watching too as night after night brought stories of unselfish giving from strangers, most of whom wished to remain anonymous, to those in need throughout this country in this challenging economy.  They called to mind New Year’s Eve Thoughts from your Asheville Historic District Victorian Inn

So often as nightly news stories of suicide bombers, church bombings, famine, genocide, child abduction, murder, mayhem and more waft across the airwaves it should surprise no one that it would be easy enough to grab on to the idea that there is little to be hopeful about.  This Christmas Season, first as as drip burgeoning into a river the reports of random acts of kindness abounded.
Lay-aways paid off in the hundreds, breakfasts taken care of by anonymous patrons, coffee paid for when you order it by someone already having driven away from the drive-in window… their good deed done. A little girl seeking to make potable water available for those for whom this is a luxury and more.

My brother and sister-in-law sent me a cool video in the week before Christmas entitled, “Where is the line to see Jesus?”
The gist of the video is that the reason for the Christmas season is often lost in the flurry of purchasing and the seeking of retail heaven.  Somehow, each night I heard the tale of another “act of goodness” done on behalf of others it made me know for sure that despite the suicide bombers, despite all those that would seek to wreak havoc, create chaos, death and destruction and to proliferate this behavior in this world….There is a clear and present glimpse of the “others.”  Often “the others” don’t get sufficient air time- not being as salacious as their polar opposites but their presence is every bit as real.  In the Year of 2011, lights were lit, kindness recorded and discussed and the darkness ebbed a bit for all of us.

Happy 2012 and I look so forward to seeing all that it will bring.  Our wishes for you are simple.  Health, joy and the presence of loved ones to light your life! Pass it On!  

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