Curate-An Asheville Bed and Breakfast Small Plates Guest Favorite.

Curate-An Asheville Bed and Breakfast Small Plates Guest Favorite.
No question about it….Sometimes, our adventurous guests beat us to the punch on restaurant explorations in our beloved Asheville.  This proved true about Curate. Two of our weekend guests dined there Saturday evening.  So, off we went to lunch on Sunday.

Now, I will begin with name origin as all of our guests have expressed interest in this.

Verb:  Cure yourself.  

Ok, now that we have the linguistics down….Let’s explore the food idea.  It is a tapas bar in the Spanish tradition in which one has the opportunity to select several “light bites” as opposed to concentration on one main entree.

From an environmental perspective- I would say that it is casual and very attractive.  Minimalist, clean overhead lights, green plants about with a lovely and aesthetic bathroom for the girls.

From the food perspective it was an unexpected treat.  From what our guest reported he, widely traveled and extremely varied in his food experience, was wowed.  The food is delicious, creatively inspired and artfully delivered.  Our server, a lovely young woman from Barcelona with a melodious accent assisted us through the menu narrowing down our choices and Voila….Lunch was served.

If you are taking in our downtown, are hungry and looking for a good spot…Try these folks out.  It was a lovely lunch, in inviting surroundings, with convivial, efficient service. I am sure that it will become an Asheville fave!  

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