An Asheville Bed and Breakfast Adventure into the Land of Beef Bourguignon

You are about to be part of an Asheville Bed and Breakfast adventure into the land of Beef Bourguignon. Now, obviously, I can cook. I own and operate At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn in Asheville, N.C. As a direct result of that fact, it is more than likely that I owe someone a nice dinner reciprocal in nature. That would be the case at this moment in my life which is why I have hatched this hairbrain scheme to prepare a feast for a few close friends all of whom have prepared more than a few feasts for me.

So, stay tuned and join me as I march forward into what I hope will be a viable culinary rendition of the famous (on occasion, infamous) Beef Bourguignon, or as Julia would call it Bouef Bourguignon. For reasons not entirely clear to me, this recipe seems daunting.
I have actually done some researching and will likely compile several different versions of this recipe to claim as my very own Asheville N.C. Bed and Breakfast rendition.

Some of the alterations made by other have been:

Varying the amounts of wine added. Some feel the original recipe has too much and some feel it perfection as written.

Some feel red table wine sufficient and some feel the quality of the wine matters very much.

Some add Cognac in the feeling it increases the layers and depth of flavor. Julia does not.

Some recommend Stew Beef and even higher grades of beef not caring for either the lack of tenderness or texture or both found when they used chuck roast or rump roast.

Tomato Paste (Julia and others) or diced tomatoes.

Beef Broth in place of some of the wine or let the meat merge only in its own broth.

Bay leaf or no bay leaf.

I could go on and on. I will let you know how this progresses but in my head I am already thinking scary thoughts. Stay tuned!

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