Romance Rules in Asheville

Asheville, N.C. is a standout city as nearly all of its residents will attest to. Having lived here for 10; soon to be 11 years, one of the first things I noted is that to live here people will do darn near anything. We have Dr.s, lawyers and Indian chief’s here engaged in business and all kinds of enterprises just to be able to reside in Asheville. For example, if manufacturing had been your previous life work and a job can’t be found doing that…Well, they let that go, re-invent themselves and become a potter. What drives this madness is that living here is so pure, so beautiful, so amazing and so homey that when the right folks discover it they are powerless to escape its pull. Asheville has received many “bests” from best place to retire to happiest city. Now, we have another coveted prize. It seems we have just won 3rd place in Most Romantic City category.

Now, we were beaten out for 1st and 2nd place by a city in Hawaii and Florida, but as beauty and all other tightly held beliefs are largely in the eye of the beholder, ROMANCE RULES IN ASHEVILLE and no one understands romance better than our Asheville bed and breakfast, At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn.

To say we have been complicit in romance plans is like saying we serve one of the best three course gourmet breakfasts you’ve ever eaten. In other words, it is so evident it goes without saying. We’ve hidden (and guarded) diamond rings in gardens, we’ve told “small white lies” to facilitate the sometimes crooked path to romance, we’ve planned numerous elopement weddings and we have marveled at the joy being loved and loving can foster. It has been heartening, inspiring, creative, full of suspense and a delight. Thanks to all our guests for the years of letting us know long before Asheville got this award that Asheville is Romance.

Patti and Gary Wiles
Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls

One thought on “Romance Rules in Asheville

  1. So True! We loved our stay at Cumberland Falls, and had a fantastic time in Asheville. Driving home, we were already trying to think of ways to get back. Thanks for the fabulous breakfasts Gary. Patti so good to meet you before we left!

    (I’m still perusing your blog for the lemon muffin recipe!)

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