Mother’s Day 2017-Motherhood Unplugged

Motherhood, as defined by the dictionary is a follows: 1 a : a female parent b : a woman in authority; especially : a nun in charge of a convent.2 : an elderly woman
3 : 1CAUSE 1, origin <necessity is the mother of invention.

Most definitions fall somewhat short of the mark.  This will not prove an exception.  

A divorce occurring in our family found my young mother walking down our Bayside, New York street to the grocery store at the end of the block where she spent much of her day, day after day checking out the groceries of others.  Likely,  her mind lwondered how she was going to buy her own.  All this time later, I find myself wondering how she did it.  The stress of taking care of two very young children, alone, income insecure, home insecure and food insecure. That she didn’t run for the hills further convinces me that she was, as I often told her, the bravest women I know.  

 In 1959, wages for women failed to keep pace with that of their male counterparts.  Interestingly, in 2017, women, find themselves largely in the same place. Nationally, in 2017, the median salary for a women working full time is $40,742 while her male colleagues tag in at $51,212~A disparity of $10,470 per year.

The effect of this is that a staggering 30% of households headed by women live in poverty.  As of May 2016, there were 4.7 million low-income households headed by women.  

Women, both married and single comprise a record of 40 % all households with children under the age of 18 which find the women in those families as sole/ or primary bread winner. In 1960, this was the case in only 11% of families. Currently there are 7.4 million women in the work force.  47 % of all U.S. workers are women.   

While this problem of income inequality may appear to be a “women’s issue” it is time as a society & as a nation for us to realize that women’s rights are human rights and act on that knowledge & the impact it continues to have both on the nation’s children and it’s families in a manner that is right and just.

For you Mom, on Mother’s Day and every day I will continue to speak about this.  I continue to be grateful every day for all you did.   I know now the many sacrifices you made.  Your youth, your time, your energy, your lovliness, your hopes, every dream you had of what your life might look like, your joie de vive and  your vitality steadily ebbing away as you made the daily trek back to the grocery store hoping to find a way.  Hoping to keep the wolves at bay.  


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