Weddings At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn Asheville

Anyone involved in any way with the word “Wedding” comes to have an understanding of the duality of that term.  Weddings are:  happy occasions, a time for family to gather and rally in support of the newly joined family and weddings can also be stress laden and tiring and not just for the individuals actually doing the work of the wedding prep. Bride holding bouquet of bright flowers, standing next to groom in dapper suit in the garden area.  

We have hosted weddings here at the inn since we first became inn owners in 1999.  The first year we were in business, we orchestrated five events.  Each one came off without a hitch~always the desired outcome.   The largest was for a group of 60, inclusive of custom menu dinners.   The smallest was an elopement wedding for 2.    

Each property that hosts weddings generally develops a preference for the ones they like best. We just love elopement weddings.  We enjoy the close contact and real conversation  with the bride and groom as we try and create the elements they would really cherish in their ceremony.   We love that they are “each other” centric and low key largely  focusing on the very thing that can be lost in the management of larger affairs~the love that made the couple wish to marry in the first place.  We continue to offer larger affairs but our hearts lie in the creation of the perfect elopement wedding.

Looking back,  perhaps that is because Gary and I eloped too -lo those many years ago in 1970.  We too left our home base making our first of many adventures to a small South Carolina town, Ridgeland.  We were both home on leave; Gary from U.S. Army and myself, U.S.A.F.  We were too young to marry in Florida where we’d first met; Gary at 18 and my 15 year old self.  My family only lived in that town for 6 months and that is all the time it took. 

We are organizing a wedding now scheduled at the end of April.  I have spent long, enjoyable email conversations with the bride planning hair, hearing about the dress, choosing her favorite flowers and what they’ll do while here in Asheville.  Henceforth, this lovely Western North Carolina town will not just be Asheville.  It will be the place they got married and began their lives together.  

Sometimes, I think about the elements of being an innkeeper.  Part planner, part environmental aesthetic engineer, part conversationalist, part counselor and part caregiver Adding wedding planner to that list, done well, can mean a place in the history of a couple at their very beginning.  We find that a special place to be.  

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