My Favorite Christmas Light Display In Asheville

We moved to Asheville, North Carolina in June of 1999 when At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn became our new career and this inn became our new home. Though we were very excited by our new life’s path, we’d also left friends of a lifetime, had no family in the area and felt a bit at loose ends.

Large, Victorian Home done in green and cream paint. Winter snow on the ground.

Montford Historic Home

Before we even had turned around it seemed, Christmas was approaching and as was our custom, one evening we decided to go see the Christmas lights available in our new community.  Asheville of 1999 presented a very different landscape from Asheville 2016. Save the lovely homes in our historic area, many of which were beautifully decorated, there were few options for enjoying the holiday lights customarily seen during Christmas.

During a shopping trip to our local grocery store I struck up a conversation with a lady in the check out line hoping she might prove a good resource for somewhere we might go to see Christmas lights.  She asked if I knew were Lake Julian was.  Actually, I did as they also put on quite a 4th of July display which we’d taken part in right after moving here.  She loved the Christmas lights there and suggested we go and see what we thought.

Lake Julian is a family facility for recreation, much of it located on the banks of the 300 acre Lake Julian in Arden. The quiet, peace and serene presence of water coupled with the over 50 light displays, so well done by this group was right up this girls alley.  No strobe lights, no screaming in your ears music coinciding to the frenetic flashing of lights.  If this is what you are looking for….drive on.  If however, you are looking for a quiet night, serene, lake front atmosphere, beautiful lights, family atmosphere, cost contained admission ($5 a car) and the “feel good” of knowing that 20% of the proceeds goes directly to Buncombe county for various charitable endeavors~ Please check this light display out.  It is my very favorite and I will be in line with a child’s glow in my eyes as together we celebrate their 16th year.

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