Words Matter

Being an innkeeper has provided an up close and personal view of human behavior.  Some observations have left me keenly aware of stoicism, courage, kindness, altruism, thoughtfulness and genuine concern for others.  The key word there is “others.”Large, green, Victorian 3-story home. Mature Tree to left of scene, small Pineapple fountain in Summertime.

My son-in-law Aaron, many years ago shared his feelings regarding people and their basic differences.  He broke it down to that his belief that in general there were two kinds.  Those that take and those that give. There’s something to be said for this theory.

Over the years, I have observed great kindnesses rendered from one guest to another. Also such above the call of duty concern for me and my husband that even remembrance of them brings a flood of feelings.   Some of our guests have risen well above any kind of expectation one could reasonably expect from people not really known to you.  They have demonstrated authentic attributes of grace and kindness we know to be present in our fellow humans but regretfully do not always see on display. Selfless displays of aid, love, concern for others even including conspiring with other guests in house to really bring a special celebration to fellow guest.

Every once in a long while we witness personalities that seemingly reflect the very worst that exists in this world.  When we allow ourselves a screwed belief system,  particularly in the name of God, parent to us all, that ethnicity, religion or some other inborn trait in a fellow human being is so reprehensible to us that we are right in our judgement.  In that “rightness” assuming the we have responsibility to act with heinous behavior, speak badly or disrespectfully to them, perpetrate ideas born in misunderstanding or unkindness~ we underscore our lack of understanding of God.

While it would always be our very highest calling as innkeepers to offer all our guests the gift of welcome and comfort; when a guest cannot offer that to their fellow guests, our responsibility as thinking, rationale human beings must be one of protection so that all can be valued and respected because behavior matters too. We must all own our own.


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