Trip Insurance Can Save The Day

Life is uncertain.  No one can argue that nor likely would they.
When making plans for a successful trip all kinds of decisions are made.  What location would make for the very best, most memorable of trips?  What kind of accommodations would be the best fit to enhance the mission statement of this vacation; a cozy bungalow, a huge, multi activity resort, private cabin among some stately evergreens? Clothing to be packed, plane reservations to be made and a host of other incidentals.  Sometimes, depending on the level of responsibility connected to your job, it may seem that the preparations for your departure take longer than your vacation lasts.Two poster mahogany bed, small sheepskin rug beside bed, wood and brown leather stool sitting bench bed's end, cream colored spread with bedskirt, to right of bed is window with valance.

Travel is fraught with timetables.  The plane takes off at exactly….It should take this long to get to the airport, unless there is an accident or traffic jam so we should leave X hours early to be sure making it to the plane on time.  Accommodations have cancellation periods, so do scheduled treatments or activities.  Somehow, we often forget about securing a really important part of planning a successful trip; Trip Cancellation Insurance.

As I began this piece…Life is uncertain.  Sometimes we plan everything down to the minutia and then something completely out of left field happens affecting our health, our children’s health, our livlihood or some other aspect of this thing called life we could not possibly have had on the radar.  It is an emergency and it cannot wait.  No sense in going skiiing for instance if you’ve broken your leg 3 days before your scheduled vacation.  No one plans on that but your failure to have put Trip Insurance in place could leave you holding the bag for some very costly expense.  Your plane is non-refundable, there is insufficient time to meet your cancellation policy in lodging you booked, your spa treatment had a cancellation period and you owe for that too.  Never has more money been spent that will prove completely valueless to you.  All this could have been avoided with Insurance to protect your trip funds.

We learned this lesson the hard way.  We were finally, at long last, getting to go on vacation from the bed and breakfast we purchased in 1999.  We were so excited to board the plane and had driven to Greenville, S.C. the night before as our plane left at 6:00 a.m. We wanted to take no chance on missing it.  My sister agreed to spend the night at the inn with the guests. The innsitter was to arrive the next morning.    Long about midnight, our cell phone rang.  The voice on the other end of the phone was immediately recognizable as my sister.  She sounded so sad as she related to my husband and me that there was water leaking at a rather rapid pace through our foyer light into a bucket she’d just installed there.  Uncontrolled water in a historic building can be very expensive.  We had no idea as to the source of the water leak.  It could be a pipe, it could be anything.  We looked at each other as I disconnected the phone call with only six hours remaining until we were to be sitting in a plane.  We each knew that the plane was leaving without us. We lost the flight and we lost the accommodations money.  We lost an entire vacation we’d paid for and could not leave to enjoy.  We had not purchased Trip Cancellation Insurance. We had no children left at home and we just didn’t plan on this very unexpected occurrence completely de-railing a trip we’d planned on and saved for during the entire year.    We’re quick learners though.  We never plan travel, save a day trip, without insurance.  Once burned, twice shy.  The very next year it saved our bacon when a trip to the beach was short circuited due to an unexpected situation with my Mom.

One of the definitions of insurance is the following: ” a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.”  Not getting to take your trip is disappointing.  Having to pay for it anyway is an expense we can all avoid with securing Trip Insurance.

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