Leaf Downtown Asheville 2016

This is the second year of Leaf downtown Asheville.  Many have asked me to describe downtown Asheville as an experience.  We’ve lived here since 1999 when with the purchase of our inn, we became dedicated Asheville residents.3 layer chocolate torte with orange flower and red strawberry plate decoration.

Large parts of our downtown has preserved historic buildings conveying a strong sense of the past when Asheville was a much different place.  Asheville is viscerally alive fairly buzzing with music (buskers are everywhere.) It would be hard to walk 10 feet without finding 1.  an art gallery 2. A local craft brewery, 3. A local art seller 4. A fine opportunity to get something excellent, unique and completely yummy to eat 5. Get into a chat with a local 6. Pick up the vibe of something very special and very alive.  7. Find yourself in the middle of some festival.   I’ll stop right there to tell you that tomorrow, Sunday, July 31, 2016 is the very last day of the Leaf Downtown AVL 2016.

This year, Asheville soul, funk and blues are on display.  Here you can participate in community, local culture, food opportunities from more vendors than you could possible capitalize on in one day all while listening to any one of a number of local performance artists singing their hearts out on 3 separate stages. Find yourself some Faerie Kin, learn a bit of yoga and make some hay while the sun shines.  It’ a great day at Leaf Downtown AVL and you have one last day to enjoy.  Maybe we’ll see you there!  For more information:  www.theLeaf.org.

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