Spring Flowers in Season Asheville North Carolina

Our home of 17 years is awash in blooms.  The garden At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn is always a joy to me but never more than in Spring.

Small wooden footbridge in background. In foreground, chartreuse sweet potato vine ground cover with Pineapple Sage above.

Pineapple Sage and Sweet Potato accompaniment!

Fully emerged from the soil are daffodils, hyacinths, snow drops and the tulips leaves are up, blooms are present but we get to anticipate their opening a bit later in the season.  Hellebores, Grape Muscari, narcissus,and winter camilia are gracing the landscape, as the soil once so cold from winter dregs begins to warm.  The cycle of life is begins its show for us to observe once again.

In the last few days driving around the city it’s easy to be enchanted.  The redbuds, (not really red but rather varying shades of pink or purple contingent upon species) have opened their tiny, yet very profuse pea like blooms and are gorgeous.  They are everywhere and a lovely harbinger of Spring.

The Bradford pear that used to live at the inn succumbed to the perils of one of 2016’s snows of December and we bid farewill to it with a tree tribute in the purchase of a Ginkgo Biloba. The Bradford Pear tree provided one of my most happy early Asheville memories.  Their tiny, too numerous to count fluffy and soft white blossoms are stunningly beautiful.  A short bit of time after blooming, some windy day will generally appear and with it the very magical dancing of these blossoms floating through the air in such profusion as to resemble snow is bound to delight anyone seeing it.  The sight makes you want to run through the garden dancing with these tiny blossoms.  It’s just that beautiful.



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