Daylight Saving Time 2016- 5 Incentives

Whether it is a boost to your consciousness or a bane to your existence, Daylight Saving Time 2016 officially commences on Sunday March 13 at 2:00 a.m.  At the inn, we always set the clocks ahead one hour in the early evening and apprise our guests we’ve already taken care of it.  This ensures that our glorious breakfast served at 9:00 a.m. is not made in vain.  Also, clocks, particularly those you are not familiar with, are a bit tricky and before we adopted this policy of doing it ourselves we got all kinds of interesting breakfast arrivals.round, gray colored pocket watch set to 7:45

I love Daylight Saving time because rather than getting up at dark o’clock to feed our guesties, I can feel  a bit more civilized with daylight hinting on the horizon.  So, before I burn any more daylight- I will give you my five, very personal tributes to appreciate this time policy.

  1.  Those of us who operate on “time centric” terms can feel superior to those who will inevitably forget all about doing this and will hence be late for everything they do that day.
  2. Those of us whose eyes may not be as functional in the dark as they were in our youth (just sayin) will be blessed with one hour more to do errands and still get home before dark.
  3. All those yard tasks that you ran out of daylight to accomplish can be tidied up nicely in a few weeks of using that hour more of blessed sunlight.
  4. Exercising,  which can sometimes be delayed in the first bleary hours after your eyes flap open, can appear a less daunting task in the evening.
  5. For those really feeling much, much more cheerful when there is a more sunshine in their day, shake away those winter, bleary, bleak days because sunshine is here and hearkening clearly in the not too distant future is Spring and the cycle of life it begets each year.

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