Mexican Cuisine As Only Asheville Can

When part of your job is finding the very best cuisine available in your area doing all you can to provide great guest experience, staying on top of the dining scene is an imperative.

Gary and I have owned our Asheville inn for 17 yecaterars.  As readers of this blog know, Mr. Man took out his leg this past October so fearing to have him out much we have been a bit “out of the dining loop lately.”  After his P.T. this past Monday, one of the girls mentioned a new Mexican offering right down the street.  We made a beeline for Chupacabra Latin Cafe in Reynolds Village as we are always up for Mexican.  We were met at the door by the fair Emily, front of the house manager kind enough to open the door for hop-a-long and introduce us to the menu options.

The interior is clean, bright, great light and light wooden tables.  Tables and booths are available so you can take your pick.  The menu is neatly printed on a chalk board immediately above the cooking area where Dave and Patrick “make the magic.”  Insight fully, they also have printed menus for those not visually enhanced…just sayin!

Frankly, the board offered a plethora of such awesome selections that choosing just one created a brief quandary. We live here so clearly, Latin lovers that we are, we were already planning Act Deux.   Gary, always up for the meat solution moved, quickly to The Chupacabra.  This burrito creation was very generous in size and chock full of coconut and lime leaf braised pork, beans, rice, fried onion and much, much more.  This was served with homemade chips and salsa and was as yummy as it was filling.  Many times as Gary munched through this feast he was found muttering, “Man, this is so flavorful.”

I gravitated toward this lovely quesadilla named Chloe 8.  Quesadillas are grilled to perfection offering up the most perfect bit of crunch before landing on the perfectly seasoned black beans, blistered corn, cheese and assorted veggies.  It was all I was hoping for and more.

Dining experiences are judged not only by food quality.  Dining is a social event as well so environs and greeting loom large in the overall experience of the patrons.  Chupacabra Latin Cafe has nailed both.  The food is delicious, fresh, affordable and the welcome is authentic and relaxed.  A true score for Asheville and for all lovers of the distinctive flavors of Latin cuisine skillfully and delectably rendered those who clearly know how.


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