5 Must See Spots for Fall Color in Asheville

Before launching into the places we send guests at our bed and breakfast to observe the best of Fall color I want to  say that Fall 2015, according to the experts, will be ” a thing apart” -A breathtaking display of beauty!

Evidently, the chlorophyll in the leaves of trees, responsible for their green color, can begin to retreat Trees, stream in forest settinga bit earlier in response to less rain fall.  This retreat, due to stress, caused by low water, allows the carotenes and xanthophylls (orange and yellow) , always present in the leaf but camouflaged by the green, to shine through.  The red color, caused by anacyanthis, created only in the fall is a protective color providing shelter against dangerous radiation and freezing of the tree’s leaves.  The combined actions of the carotenes, xanthophylls and ancyanthis are responsible for the vibrancy of color all “leaf peepers” travel from their homes searching.

Because some of these mechanisms are temperature dependent, the higher elevations, which maintain colder temperatures first,  will see the first changes.  This same cold cascades down to the lower elevations as the season deepens.

Here are 5 Must See Spots for Fall Color

Earliest Season Color:

1.  The Blue Ridge Parkway North (Asheville)

2.  Mt. Pisgah  (Buncombe County-County in which Asheville is positioned)

Later Season Color:

3. Blue Ridge Parkway South (Asheville)

4.  Dupont State Forest (Near Brevard)

5.  Kimberly Avenue (Residential street in North Asheville)

The bonus of varying elevations in the area is that within a short drive generally from late September moving through the end of October, a magnificent display of color worthy of magazine covers is available for viewing in Asheville.

Plan to spend some Autumn time 2015 here.  It’s a spectacle you won’t soon forget.  We still have a bit of availability and we’d love to help make your Fall 2015 a picture postcard memory forever.

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