How to Hard Boil Eggs & Perfect the Peel

When my husband and I first became bed and breakfast owners having only had 3 members in our little family the idea of buying eggs by the case was a bit daunting to wrap our heads around.  Never before had I seen so very many eggs in my refrigerator.Breakfast button with an egg over easy, a side of bacon and toast.

Some of the gourmet savory collection of egg dishes we create at the inn call for boiled eggs in the recipe.  Now, the care and tending of the perfect boiled egg and peeling of same may sound like nothing.  That said, as they say in the computer world….Garbage in….Garbage out.  Lest we end up with egg dishes not up to our requirements we delved into how to hard boil and peel eggs in the best and easiest way.

* Assemble eggs.

* Choose pot that will allow the number of eggs you are cooking to lay single file.  The pot   should have a lid that fits.

* Add only enough cold water to cover eggs by one inch.

* Heat over high just to boiling.

* Remove pan from heat source and secure fitted cover for you pan.

* Leave eggs standing in water:  X-large: 15 mins.  Large: 12 mins.  Med: 9 mins

*  Drain and Refrigerate if you don’t need them right now.   If you do plan to use them right now.  Proceed to Peeling Instructions.  You are just going to love it.

The Peeling:  AKA:  There’s More than one way to Skin a Cat

*  Place the egg in a shallow highball glass.  Place egg in glass and fill glass 2/3 full.  Cover with your hand or a saucer.  Vigorously shake for about 30-45 seconds.  When  you stop, remove the egg and the shell will already have begun the separation process.  The rest will readily come off almost like magic.

Voila, the perfect boiled egg with peeling that could not be easier.



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