Bug Life

Some people find bugs interesting.  Some find them to be total pests-no pun intended.   Some feel actual fear at their very presence.  I fall into the latter category.  Though my conscious mind is in complete understanding of the fact that largely insects are an annoyance factor and their level of engagement in our lives constitute irritation not death, I would still run a country mile rather than face a roach or some flying bug that catches me unaware.of the Asheville water shed and reservoir from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Two weekends ago we had a young, newly married couple staying at our inn.  They were up bright and early leaving right after breakfast their burgeoning excitement clear on their young faces at the prospect of their unfolding day.  They were planning a trip to Mt. Mitchell.  They were ebullient at taking this hike and so full of hopeful expectation that the view at the top was all it is purported to be.  It was a vision.  For this couple however, the vision was short.  Why, you ask?  The weevils had come 6,684 ft. to the summit of  Mt. Mitchell just to welcome the newlyweds properly.  They took a 5 second selfie and rapidly made it back to their car leaving the vista of all that beautiful scenery for someone else to enjoy exclaiming, “They fly right at you…Good thing there are guard rails up there or someone could freak out with those things flying at you and just run over the side.”

All sorts of movie for television plots began to dance deliciously through my mind when she said that but, Hey, they’re newlyweds so I kept them to myself.

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