Reasons for Booking An Asheville Bed and Breakfast, Part 2

There are so many reasons why choosing to stay at a bed and breakfast can help you create your very best vacation.  In our last blog, we dealt with the parking issue.  In this blog, we are moving into an area that can have great impact on the quality of your vacation-Time and how you spend it.Mug of latte with whip cream next to a plate with a slice of multi-layered chocolate cake.

In the U.S., the average worker all year long, including holidays, gets 16 days vacation.  This lags very far behind most advanced economies.  French citizens (30 days). UK (28 days) Sweden, Denmark, Norway (25).  Only Japan lags behind the United States.  To add insult to injury, according to a 2913 study, we let 3.2 of those days go unused.  All this equates to one clear thing.  Time off is premium time and the expectation surrounding it can be disproportionately weighted with expectation.

Generally, vacations occur in places the visitor is not familiar with.  New territory, new opportunities for fun.  Less familiarity with an area can create a waste of time engaged in research and deciding on what might bring the best experiences for the time available but it doesn’t have to.  Coming to the ” vacation rescue”, none other than your innkeeper.  They live in the area you’ve chosen to visit.  They know the area you’re visiting in a way that will not be found in guidebooks or even online sources- Even if you choose to spend hours of your time researching the best things to do rather than living your vacation.  They know the easiest way to get there saving you traffic snags and hours of precious time that could regretfully be spent getting lost.

Your innkeeper understands vacation is short and that it can be better spent than doing research and trying to figure out how to navigate your way to the place finally chosen.  Your innkeeper is also fully vested in helping you to create your best vacation.  Folks tend to return to places they really enjoyed so in helping you find your vacation zen, she may get to see you again.

Many of our guests make early communication with us before their arrival letting us know the kinds of activities they enjoy.  Upon Check-In,  we have already done all the leg work and provide them with all the information they’ll need to access places of interest we know they’ll like and spot on directions to get there.  It’s a win-win!  Then, it’s as simple as enjoying a piece of freshly made cake, compliments of your innkeeper, along with a great cup of coffee as you decide which part of the LIST you’ll undertake tomorrow.  Now, that’s a vacation.

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