Reasons for Booking an Asheville Bed & Breakfast

This blog series is dedicated to exploring the varied and very valid reasons for making an Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn your lodging choice for maximizing summertime fun while minimizing the cost of vacation.

1902 green lapboard home with beige trim. Pineapple Fountain in foreground.

Our Home on the Knoll At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn

Many of my guests on a bit of a budget appreciate the “all inclusive nature” of a bed and breakfast stay.  As those of you having booked a hotel stay recently could attest to, the fee of the room is just one of many fees associated with a typical hotel overnight stay.

Parking is generally a charge item and can be made even more pricey if one forgets something in the car and it has to be re-accessed once parked.  Each time the car is “brought around” there is the customary gratuity associated with its appearance.  Further, there is the actual parking cost.  Depending upon location, this could range from a low of $20 per day to the cosmopolitan rate of $70 per night depending on location.  When added to the top of accommodations daily, this can exponentially increase the cost of a nightly lodging.

No one doesn’t think about cost these days.  Further, as anyone who has watched the secret videos, usually compliments of 60 minutes of some other “reveal” kind of programming, of valets creating a carnival rides out of  their parking duties while performing wheelies or recklessly conducting real life studies of how long it really takes the owners car to get from 0-60 know that handing your car keys over comes complete with some risk.  All this is to say nothing of losses incurred by unsuspecting car owners of personal belongings that go missing, loose change and cash or entire identities compromised by errant slips of paper, wallets or credit cards left in the car.

Parking is completely free at our bed and breakfast.  It is off street and securely situated in the back gardens of our property.  We do recommend locking of all vehicles as is recommended by law enforcement in general terms.  The only person accessing your car each and every time you need to get to it~is safely, securely only you.  We may love your car, think its both its color and styling have no compare, even have genuine avarice for it and wish we owned it….but despite all this…. we promise NO WHEELIES!

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