Carolina Mountain Cheese Festival Asheville NC

Cheese by definition is a food rendering created from pressed curds of milk. To say only this is not to understand cheese in all its very tasty glory.

Entire cooked pizza on metal tray.

No pizza is complete without mozzarella!

There is aged cheese, practically an art form and more simplistic versions of cheese like cottage and goat cheese.  There is an entire history of cheese and the manner in which it was made food dating back approximately 4,000 years. According to legend, an arabian tradesman starting out across the dessert, put his traveling supply of milk in the container pouch of the day “AKA- a sheep’s stomach” and began his journey.  As the heat of the day increased, the temperature in the pouch did too.  That coupled with the rennet, an enzyme noted in the stomachs of ruminate animals, created a separation of the whey solution from the curd of the milk and cheese was born.

The love of cheese and interest in the making of it continued to flourish.  In Asheville, everything is local.  So began the idea for the First Annual Carolina Mountain Cheese Fest.  Highland Brewery in Asheville will host this event on Sunday April 26, 2015 from 12-4 p.m.  Tickets are available for purchase @ and are $12    Address is 12 Old Charlotte Highway.

Beer and Cheese pairings, wine and cheese pairings, opportunities to purchase cheese and meat, cheese aging, opportunities to sample various local cheeses and even mozzarella stretching will be on the docket. 19 of the best regional cheese makers will have brought their wares available for tasting.  The first 500 guests through the door will be offered a complimentary insulated bag to house their purchases but if planning to arrive later for the event bring a means to keep your purchases cold and also some cold, hard cash.  Some vendors accept credit cards but some don’t.

If your love of cheese is an obsession, stay tuned for my next Blog.  Asheville now has a cheese trail.  From Bakersville, to Marion to Asheville and beyond cheese is making its whey through WNC.  Forgive me, I couldn’t help the way I spelled whey.  The cheese made me do it.

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