Live Well Expo Asheville 2015

Every time we think we have it all together regarding recent advice supplied by the experts regarding best practice to… live long and prosper- to coin my favorite Vulcan, someone changes the play book. Sunset Skyline of Asheville, North Carolina

For 28 years I worked as an R.N., before we bought our inn. I was front row center to all the many alterations of advice put forward as “best standard.”  Changes ran the gamut of alterations in acceptable lab values to drugs we absolutely should be taking in response to menopause, cholesterol elevations and a myriad of other conditions.  All these edicts were put out with complete assurance of the highest of authorities based on the latest, cutting edge research.  Nearly, without question, as time moved on they were altered again & again…Sometimes completely countermanded.   Data abounds but is constantly in flux changing the message.  It can prove challenging in an environment of rapid fire information to enjoy any surety regarding a path to health enabling us to Live Well.

In it’s 2nd year, the 2015 Live Well Expo will be held on Saturday, March 28th at Asheville’s Ag center, presenting completely free an opportunity to gain some of the best information currently available on living well.  True to the “wholistic” nature for which Asheville has gained a well deserved reputation, there will be topics designed to address the fullness of living.  All elements of a well balanced life will be covered inclusive of the physical, emotional, financial & spiritual components. Free health screening, most current info, games for kids, entertainment and more.

Live Well 2015, Davis Event Center and 100’s of exhibitors may create a slightly more illumined path to living well.  Don’t miss it.

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