Asheville Bed and Breakfast Salutes Veterans Day

One of the most rewarding things of owning a bed and breakfast is the ability to provide a special evening for someone.  Now, there’s truth to be said that a day does not change a life but it can be a lovely way to say “thank you” or “I appreciate you.”

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Celebrate Veterans Day

Every year here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn we, along with many other bed and breakfasts in our area, extend our sincere heartfelt thanks to veterans of all ages, that have offered their service in any war or conflict in which  the United States of America was or is involved.   We offer them a complimentary stay at our inn.  During their time with us we are able to thank them in this tangible way for their sacrifice.  We thank them for every special occasion they might have missed in the service of their nation.  From the birth of their firstborn child to their wedding anniversary, their spouses special birthday, their child’s graduation, the men and women serving our country have lost special family moments in service to the greater good.  They have placed their personal lives and desires in the back row to offer their very best to forward the common good for the citizens of this country.   Some of them have given their very limbs, their blood and for some, their only life, all in tribute to the idea of freedom.

All of us can do something to honor that sacrifice.  Write a card, give a verbal thanks, bring a dish to the Veterans Restoration Quarters here in Asheville, make some cookies, make a donation to a veterans group of your choice if you are able.  Go over to the Charles George Veteran’s hospital and talk with a soldier in the lobby or make some other offering of service to show your thanks.

These people are our country’s finest, willingly they left their own families in service to our country, some will return changed, some won’t return at all.  Saying thanks for that kind of thing is small compensation but it speaks volumes of us as a country.  If we cannot fully express profound gratitude for the sacrifice of those who defend this country, we are without defense of those actions.

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