Signs of Fall In Asheville

Fall Covers the RegionSometimes one is less observant about commonly viewed surroundings.  We weave the fabric of our days going from place to place, working on projects at our jobs, running errands and just being about our business.  Often we are in a hurry and fail to actively take note of things around us.

Those following this blog know  I love to garden.  About a month ago while ungracefully sprawled under a bush weeding- I took note of the reddening of the tips of a bush.  That same day on a trip to the grocery store I drove by some young maple trees observing a decided blush in the leaves coloring.  I put the idea to bed nearly as quickly as it emerged thinking it was just some weird, sporadic Asheville thing.

Then I began to hear a more about these reports around the country.  The National Trust, an organization whose mission statement is the preservation of both historical and architectural elements as well an interest in the conservation of areas known for natural beauty has also taken note of same.  Members of this organization began reporting that Hawthorn and Holly Berries in many locations had already morphed into their red color-an event that generally happens later in the year.  They also took note that the nuts of the Beech trees were more fully developed that the calendar year would expect.  Also birding behaviors seem to indicate the approach of fall is ahead of schedule.

All this input from other sources encouraged a day drive to more rural outlying areas.  I noted more of the same in varying degrees.  Fall in Asheville is quite simply, breathtaking.  We are undoubtedly a tourist Mecca for “leaf peeping.”  Anyone thinking of coming to Asheville without reservations during the fall season would be well served to reconsider that strategy.  With more than a few days, September 22, 2014 to be exact, before we greet the Autumnal Equinox- I am thinking we may have a very busy and perhaps extended leaf season in which to greet guests and show them the very best Asheville has to offer in hues and colors they will long remember.

At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn would love to be your guide to Asheville as you discover fall fantasies in the naturally beautiful surroundings we are known for. Book early and we’ll help you plan a fall to remember.  Mother Nature is waiting to take you by the hand to the land of Leaves of Glory.

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