New Website Announcement for Asheville Bed and Breakfast

hone-sidbar1-exterior-photo-path-fountain-Horz-3There are all kinds of businesses that serve the public.   Some are brick and mortar establishments and some are singularly online venues.  The one really important element most of those businesses share is the need for a quality website.

A website, properly done, allows anyone trying to find information about your business the opportunity to do that.  It is a venue allowing potential buyers to gain all sorts of very valuable information in privacy and at their leisure whether the business is open at the time of exploration or it is not.  Information truly is power because it  hopefully allows buyers the needed time, under no duress to read the information provided hopefully helping them understand their needs regarding their potential purchase and whether or not they will be met.    This simple concept was our mission statement in the development of our recently released web site here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Searching for accommodations can be exhausting, confusing and fraught with decisions.  Most of us get very little free time so choosing where to spend it can present a hefty burden. Clear, quality photos are helpful.  Everyone of us has stayed in  places where the picture you looked at online bore little resemblance to your arrival.  Photos help avoid unhappy circumstances.  Looking at them may also prompt valid questions that you might not think to ask about your room but are very important to the quality of your trip.

Robust, accurate word descriptions are also extremely useful in conveying not only the hard data necessary to make good personal selections in your lodging choice but also the kind of personalities you might encounter when reaching your destination.

Reading the web site can also be useful in finding out all kinds of things about your location choice for your vacation.  What is the vibe in the city you’ve chosen?  How is the food?  What kinds of activities is this place you’re  thinking of traveling to known for?  Are the answers to those questions a good personal fit for you?

If any of the following interests you:  Rhythm, music in all its many forms & venues, art from juried entrants of The

Craft Fair of the Southern Highland to our completely talented local art community, all the natural beauty you could possibly access for the price of a pair of good shoes, craft beer in so many choices your head will spin and a culinary scene that rivals the best you’ve eaten…Well, Asheville may well be your place.  At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn, under the same ownership in our 16th year,  would like to introduce you to the city we have known long and loved well.  Take a look at the new site and we hope to host your Asheville love affair.

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