Breakfast is Served At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn

Large plate with waffle stack and fresh whipped cream on top with orange shaving garnish, crispy bacon

Breakfast service for our guests.

I have developed a theory during my years in custody of our fine, circa 1902 Victorian Inn.  There are various reasons that people frequent bed and breakfast inns as opposed to a hotel lodging choice  Over the last few years, I have actually engaged more than a few of my guests to solicit information about that choice.  I have long thought the choice of a bed and breakfast  a more considered one and likely driven not in small part by this guest’s hope to have a really special experience.

Not to gender identify but some of the information gained is seeming gender based.  While women will discuss cleanliness, beautiful surroundings, soft, caressing sheets,  being helped to make the most of an area they are not too familiar with….Men seem to securely settle on one main theme-Breakfast.

Breakfast at most bed and breakfast inns, ours being no exception to this rule, is a very special event.   There is something very heartening about a collection of very diverse people, all gathering at the breakfast table to enjoy some great, extremely varied conversation and fine food.  Our kitchen is adjacent to the dining area. It’s a really nice sound to hear riotous laughter waft into our kitchen as strangers share lives and stories and in the telling- sometimes become friends.

All our food is fresh, prepared that morning and created to delight your palate.  Bed and Breakfasts are not short order kitchens using already prepared boxed ingredients. Most do not have commercial kitchens with many cook tops and ovens galore set up to prepare many different breakfast options concurrently.  The trade off however is obvious and we find so very appreciated.  While there are not generally 12 different options, every piece of food set before you is fresh, real, often organic, freshly made and hot out of the oven- sans the drying heating lamps and a compilation of boxed ingredients.

We encourage our guests, most don’t require prodding, to be on time for breakfast.  Just like when preparing a special dinner at home.  Hours have been spent gathering just the right ingredients, putting the very best things together creating a work of culinary art. It can be disappointing if your guests come 30 minutes late….the food simply isn’t as good, despite your best intentions, not to mention that the whole rhythm of your serving is disrupted. Your innkeeper has spent much time in preparing a special, hot, delicious breakfast for guests but there too….It’s less special when served 30 minutes later.

Plated Croissant French Toast with Maple Pecan BaconWe hope to see you at our inn for breakfast one morning.  No guest is served the same breakfast twice.  We alternate a savory entree with a sweet one every day.  3 courses is our hallmark style, by candlelight sure to make your morning shine.  Piping hot fresh muffin, fruit and main course, fresh juice and coffee that would make the angels sing.  You are free to enjoy it all or choose just what you’d like.  If your morning needs a bit of bling…We’ve got just the thing.

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