North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Vacation

An insiders look at why a North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Inn could offer you the very best vacation you’ve ever had.

Front view of a 3-story green Victorian house in lush garden setting.
The very word “vacation” engenders emotions.  They may range from the excitement felt as one anticipates getting some  much needed time away- to a bit of trepidation.  The excitement quotient, everybody understands and can identify with.  Who doesn’t want a break? 

The trepidation aspect of taking a vacation may require a bit more exploration.
Habitating a place that is not your home requires some flexibility and re-orientation. The same could be said of visiting a new city. More so if you tend to get lost easily in new environments. In addition to that, the very real pressure travelers seem to feel when vacation time arrives to “have a good time” & “make the best use of  time” and the pressure felt becomes very understandable. Vacation time brings with it significant expectation. It could be said that the expectations exceed anything reasonable. In looking at that reality, the choice of where to spend this rare, hopefully exciting, marvelous, and memorable time can present a host of high impact decisions. 
What if you get it wrong? You were careful, you didn’t go off willy nilly.  You did all the internet searches any reasonable person would do in the expectation of meeting with success. Every free minute was spent in writing down and carefully cataloging choices. Finally, the list was whittled down until “THE PLACE” was chosen.   
What if you arrive at the location you carefully, painstakingly chose and the apparition before you elicits disbelief and shock rather than the contentment and security you were seeking?  To add insult to injury, your traveling partner is looking way less than pleased at this selection and the heat is on.  You find yourself beginning to wonder if it was completely confused  note taking that could be responsible for delivering up this abysmal location as your vacation destination.  Even work begins to look more desirable than four nights in this place.
North Carolina Bed and Breakfast & Inns is the association that oversees inspected inns in the entire state.  There are approximately 100 member inns in North Carolina. 
It is not possible to purchase a membership in our organization. NCBBI has a mission statement that speaks volumes to the intent of its formation.  We seek to provide the traveling public with our highest standards of safety, quality in surroundings, food and cleanliness- all designed to create an environment of comfort- bringing true and complete meaning to the word hospitality.   The only way to become a member inn in our state organization is to earn your way.  The only way to stay a member is to deliver constancy of excellence.  Each innkeeper must meet and consistently deliver high standards to remain a member in good standing. No exceptions.
Every single element of maintaining an excellent property is covered on our inspection list from the care and maintenance of the inn’s exterior to the dishes you’ll be enjoying breakfast on the next morning.   Your safety is our constant concern .  Each item on the inspection list contributes to offering everything possible to ensure your best and brightest vacation ever.   
Safety and licensing required to legally operate a business must be presented and verified at the time of inspection. Everyone seeks a lovely vacation spot and North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Inns Association understands that but also knows the value of safety. Safety related items are prevalent in our inspection process and include things you may not think of like fire safety, food safety, sanitation conditions, scores determined NC Health Department Inspectors , adequate liability insurance and more.  While no one would minimize the importance of and desire for creature comforts, beautiful rooms and special touches, in staying at an NCBBI Inspected Inn, you may have confidence that everything possible has been done to ensure your safe vacation. 
In addition to all this, an experience at a bed and breakfast brings with it a vast array of choices regarding architectural preferences, amenity desires, rural vs. urban locations and an innkeeper dedicated to meeting your individual needs.. 
Bed and breakfasts do not deliver cookie cutter boxes each exactly the same as the other.  They offer interesting and varied décor to address nearly any special occasion or desire you have. Your options are unlimited.   From sleek and ultra modern to casual elegance and everything in between, bed and breakfasts are as varied as the innkeepers who run them. 
These professional innkeepers are vested in their properties.  They shop carefully for the lovely soft linens embracing you till morning,  carefully select components of your special breakfast and want their home to be your sanctuary.  They expertly provide all the help you need in exploring a city they love in a way that makes the experience all your own.  They have readied your room with the kind of care reserved for a special guest. 
Your innkeeper knows their city and is joyful to help you find your best and brightest vacation ever. It’s the next best thing to being in your own home and sometimes, while traveling can be both exciting and fun, that feeling of home and care becomes priceless.

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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