Bird Feeding Tips

female cardinal perched on small winter branch, faded snow background.

 Here at the inn we marvel at the number and variety of birds that fly about our garden area.  They are and remain such a source of fun for our guests that we do seek ways to cultivate their presence.

We accomplish this in a number of ways.

First and foremost, we feed them.  In a bed and breakfast environment and possibly in your own as well, you may want to accomplish this without being burdened excessively by some of the pitfalls associated with bird feeding.  I won’t spell that part out for you because  I am sure you get it.

We have a treed area immediately across the driveway from our sun room.  The location of a feeding station in this area accomplishes two purposes.  The birds are less likely to make unwanted deposits in areas you wish they wouldn’t and also, the guests have full view to their eating activities and the frolicking associated with that activity.  Also putting them somewhat out of the way and out of the weather is useful.  Birds prefer seed that is not soggy and also feed and water can create bacterial and fungal issues that can sicken birds in a feeding area not attended to properly.  A convenient, easily accessible feed station will provide easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

Birds love certain plants seeking them out both for food and shelter.   In this area, American Beautyberry, Female Fringe Tree, Coral Honeysuckle, Black Highbush Blueberry and more. Think native plants.

Birds worship water.  This is an all season requirement both for bathing and drinking.  I can nearly guarantee, if you create a water source with a heat element so as not to freeze in the winter….water scarcity will ensure you have a flock of feathered friends to delight and entertain you all through the sometimes oppressive winter months.

Lastly, though I am a fan of the feline persuasion and all animals…Birds like to feel secure in the environments they choose to call home just as we all do, so offering your feline friend an indoor home will greatly enhance the likelihood of birds choosing your address to call their own home.

Trees and bushes-Have some!  Birds, due to their lacking of the defense mechanisms some creatures have, don’t spend much time on the ground so being able to be safely elevated above the fray is an enticement.  Heaven knows the in all of North Carolina, there is no shortage of trees and in return, our avian friends continue to delight.


Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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