Food Buzz is Alive, Well and Thriving in Asheville


white, square plate with white rice, fresh veggies & chicken breast topped with lime garnish and bread on the side.

The longer I live here in Asheville, the more sincere my belief becomes that this place is a thing apart in the world of foodies.
I am also of the belief that our notoriety for all things food is constantly burgeoning and a work in progress. 

In my job as innkeeper, our guests routinely rely on us to be resource vehicles on varying information they are trying to procure before arriving. Currently, on a nearly weekly basis, I am contacted by upcoming guests defining themselves as ” foodies.”  They have chosen our location  based not in small part on the fact that they covet good food and believe they can get it here.  They seek reservations in some of the most talked about restaurants and they have an entire dinner repertoire organized before ever stepping foot in our city.

Very recently, Dan Gentile, a staff writer for Thrillist’s contributed a piece in which he lists 7 of the most Underrated Food Cities in America.  Our little hamlet is Number 1 sharing the space with Cleveland, Houston and others.

When I say this place is vegan and vegetarian friendly, it is clearly an understatement. With the strong availability of  regionally produced and oh so fresh vegetables coupled with the creative intensity of our local chefs, a dyed in the wool carnivore could experience an epiphany.   Rosetta’s, Plant, Homegrown and Laughing Seed to name just a few specialize in catering to folks with this culinary preference.  Nearly every dining establishment in this city has offerings including one of our neighborhood  favorites Nine Mile.

One of the last new dining establishments to hit the horizon if you want to “get your meat on” is Brasilia Churrasco Steakhouse.  Platters and platters of meat, a reported 16 of them in fact, circulate the dining room at any given time. 

Already famous for the beauty of it’s natural resources The Blue Ridge Parkway, Smoky Mountains, and Chimney Rock and the glitz and glamour of “days gone by”  perfected so beautifully in the stately Biltmore House- The food buzz is building too….solidly, with variety and creativity until soon, it will be a roar!.  

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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