Asheville Cooks and You Learn Too!

This sounds crazy I know but I love sandwiches.

eclairs, iced in chocolate glaze on wax papered plate

 I find them compact, versatile,varied and satisfying.
  One of my favorite places to snag a sandwich in Asheville is Dough.  They have wonderful bread of every kind under the sun but all this is an aside.  What they also have is a very cool ante room in this unique deli, dining establishment offering Take away or Eat in food options in which they are running a cooking school.  I did not stutter…Yes, it’s a cooking school.  What can you learn there?  The list is surprising and seemingly endless.

How many of us really would love to know how to make professional looking baked goods like cinnamon rolls, croissants, cupcakes beautifully decorated and more?  How about a fresh pizza with ingredients specially chosen by you perfectly attuned to your taste or develop a love of the tastes of Morocco? 

These lessons are held apart from the restaurant area, in the cooking lab under the capable leadership of chefs skilled in teaching others how to prepare and cook fine food.  No matter what you’d like to learn to cook from Rustic Tarts to Thai, Sushi and everything else in between they likely have those classes. 

Sometimes people staying with us for their Asheville vacation really enjoy doing something that is “out of the box.”  One of our guests was a Mom and while her husband spent a few hours of leisure pursing a golf ball around the green-She learned to make cupcakes to die for!  All mothers know that several times a year the parents are asked to bring in cupcakes.  Evidently, she had volunteered several times and thought her cupcake product,  while passable and certainly gratefully received by the teachers and students, could not be confused with a study in aesthetics. She returned to the inn after her cooking class relaxed, thrilled at having learned a new skill and knowing that she would “wow ’em” when she showed up at school with the next batch of cupcakes. 

Go to: to get an idea of the pricing (very reasonable), available times and dates of the upcoming class selections.  You will be impressed.  I was.  Preparing good, healthy food for those you love is expressive, fun and joyful. 

Our inn is only minutes from Dough! We’d  love to house you while you take your class  and in the interest of participation, we’ll even let you practice your newly acquired skills on us.  It’s a sacrifice but we love to help our guests out in the learning curves of life and who’d turn down a lovingly prepared feast?  Not the inn owners At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn that’s for sure. 

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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