The Asheville Bed and Breakfast Scene

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Often towns, large and small with a thriving historic community can also be counted on to offer a number of bed and breakfast lodging options..  Asheville is no exception to that rule. 
Currently, two bed and breakfast organizations operate in Asheville.  Asheville Legendary Inns and Asheville Bed and Breakfast Association.
  Both associations offer varied inn experiences and cost structures appealing to a wide range of guest needs.  

Membership in these associations is optional and there are many quality operational bed and breakfasts in our city belonging to neither of these groups. These are city/county associations.  Most states in which bed and breakfasts operate also have a state association as well.  The state association in North Carolina operates under the name of  North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Inns

Choosing just the right bed and breakfast for your time away can prove daunting.  Most of us get little time off making the time we do get for vacation all the more precious.  Hopefully some of the information in this blog will help make this choice easier.

No one really thinks a great deal about safety when on vacation.  That said, it could prove to be one of the most important decisions of your entire trip.  All licensed bed and breakfasts operating in the city of Asheville/county of Buncombe, as a bed and breakfast inn entities must meet certain criteria.  Safety inspections, sanitation requirements, liability insurance, chimney inspections, carbon monoxide detectors & food safety being only a small number of things that are required. 

Many lodging options, currently available in our city and all across the country, are not licensed to lodge guests having obtained no license to do business.  Hence, they operate not as inspected properties with all the aforementioned requirements but  adhere to those criteria only at their own discretion. 
Most are not insured for paying guest stays or inspected by anyone.  It is up to the buying public seeking lodging to determine the worth of  reduced pricing that may be coupled with reduced safety.  It is always good to have some identifiable recourse should you feel in need of one.  For example, any member inn of our state organization, NCBBI, is inspected every two years.  They operate in accordance with  rigorous safety and health requirements.  Should any guest feel a grievance, there is an identifiable source for that grievance to be aired, substantiated and effectively handled.  There is not only safely in choosing  a licensed and inspected business for your accommodations, there is accountability, recourse and security. 

Other items useful in the decision making:  Read the policies of the inn you are considering.  If there is something you do not see or something present you do not understand, your professional innkeeper is happy to help.  Your understanding is their job and their livelihood.  Your good experience is as valuable to them as it is to you.  Many of the innkeepers in Asheville have owned and run their inns for more than 15 years.  They are both delighted to host you safely and  wish to enhance your experience in the city they love in any way they can.

Size is another consideration.  Privacy may be a bit harder to come by in larger bed and breakfasts.   If you feel the need of a bit more privacy and function better with only a few others, a more intimately sized bed and breakfast will enhance your perfect stay! If you delight in the company of many and varied guests feeling it brings you vacation currency, a larger bed and breakfast will provide that atmosphere.

Bed and Breakfasts offer architectural history but if the really modern amenities are vital to your happy stay- I am here to tell you that most offer high end amenities, lushly soft robes, fine sleeping mattresses, gloriously decadent linen, delectable afternoon treats to be enjoyed with coffee, tea or a complimentary glass of wine and all this before you sit down to a breakfast that you’ve only dreamed about. 

There is bad press about the innkeeper who won’t go away!  Most  innkeepers are “professional people readers.”  By that I mean most have been interpreting guest needs for a very long time.  Verbal as well as non verbal communication will quickly let your astute innkeeper know whether you are a guest that wants
to “chat a bit” or a guest that hasn’t even had a moment to talk with their own spouse and seeks to remedy that problem on this very trip.  They will respond accordingly. Again, they are seeking to provide exactly what you need during  your brief time away and doing this is their job.

Staying in a house belonging to someone else can be an adjustment for some. Who owns this house?  Who is your innkeeper? Are they a good fit for you?  Check out the Social Media page of the potential innkeeper. Read the Blog page. You can get a real feel for who your innkeeper is by what they write about. Review sites will also offer fodder for consideration.  See what kinds of things guests who stayed at the inn you are considering wrote about their own experience there.   

Location, Location, Location.  All  realtors are quick to tell you that if there is a palace, at a bargain price,  situated somewhere people do not find desirable….Selling may be delayed or simply won’t happen at all.  Location is important to people on vacation for various reasons-most want convenience to the hub of activity.   
If you are a fine diner, a person that likes to walk to downtown,  explore art galleries, shops and more- and you love being in the thick of it-choose our historic neighborhood inns.  Most are within walking distance of downtown and notable culinary options as only Asheville can offer them up. 
 From Thai to Nepalese, and  good old Americana, it is here. Our guests are treated to  food  prepared  by some of  most creative, culinary visionaries in food today.  Asheville is getting a well deserved foodie rep.   If you  seek an away from it all experience in the deep forest-Seek what your needs are.

Bed and Breakfasts come in all sizes, in all locations and there is an innkeeper ready to help you create your best experience in whatever city you visit.  We’d love to host your Asheville Bed and Breakfast experience.  Our home, circa 1902, has been completely renovated inclusive of central heat, air, fireplaces or firestoves and every modern amenity available in the finest hotels. Superior bedding, luxury linens and extreme attention to cleanliness are just a handful of pluses you’ll experience in B&B travel.  We offer a six block walk to our vibrant downtown, a three course, gourmet breakfast our guests rave about both to us & in their reviews of our property on Trip Advisor.  We have been hosting guests in this city we love for over 15 years.  If you’ve never thought of a bed and breakfast as a romantic getaway option…. We hope you will feel more confident to give us a try now. We’d love to host your visit here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn. 


Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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