Asheville’s Small Plate Crawl Makes for a Perfect Date Night

petite chocolate and cream confection topped with spun sugar delicacies while surrounded by colorful flowers and raspberries on the bottom of the square, white  plate.

Always seeking new ways to showcase the food scene that Asheville is becoming known for, AIR, Asheville Independent Restaurants, has taken some of the sting out of wintertime delivering a great way to really get the flavor of Asheville,s creative food scene.
  Beginning this Tuesday, February 25, 2014 and continuing for three days- Experience the best of Asheville dining in miniature.

Small plates range in cost from $3-$8.  Each restaurant that is participating (there are over 20) will create items for the small plate experience.  Chai Pani, Tupelo Honey, Lobster Trap, Bouchon, Curate, The Blackbird, Carmels, French Broad Chocolate Lounge and many other downtown favorites are only a small sampling of those participating this year   

For those not really familiar with this concept…. traditionally, when one contemplates going out for a meal a big discussion ensues as everyone expresses their idea of where that meal should take place.  Very often, many, very divergent food tastes are in the mix and render the decision much harder.   All that hassle can be eliminated with this very fun romp about the city’s best dining establishments enjoying not one location but as many as you want.  To be clear, participating restaurants create some of their very best items generally served for an entire dinner and they offer petite servings of these.  The result is awesome.  All of us have had the experience of scoping out the menu of a dining establishment where there are three or four items that really wow you all the while knowing that the decision must finally be whittled down to one entree.  To further complicate the mix, when dining with your husband, best friend or group of friends, sometimes even making the decision of where to go can be exhausting when no consensus can be reached.

Enjoy dining again….No big choice of where to go….You can go to as many establishments as you want many within easy walking distance of the other.  You may be feeling like eating Italiano…or Indian cuisine or Chocolate….No worries,small plates is about diverse options in all the locations you have always wanted to try and never did. Enjoy the music buskers  and shops as you move from place to place.  It won’t take long to know why Asheville is on the foodie radar.


Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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