Tail Gate Markets Thrive Even In Asheville Winter

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The regionally sourced food available in our city is one of many perks enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.
  Its presence is seen in the choice and variety enjoyed by our thriving, local restaurants and in private consumption as we are able to  enjoy the freshness, food security and superior quality of product not having to be shipped from thousands of miles away.

As a bed and breakfast owner, it is a joy to buy perfectly fresh, locally grown and awesomely succulent blueberries.  They are  grown in a place I love, in soil I have intimate knowledge of, all the while knowing that the following morning they will join forces with flour, local eggs and sugar.
Voila, my guests will be lured out of soft, down filled beds not by harsh alarms but singularly Fresh Blueberry Muffins.  Some would call it magic! 

As much a  hallmarks of spring as the robins appearance is the reopening of Asheville’s tail gate markets.  Unlike many other places I have lived gratefully, our access to fresh produce lives on through the winter. 

Asheville City Market, in spring occupies its familiar space on Charlotte Street adjacent to the Public Works building  as the vendors occupy the space with their own brand of goods to sell gently housed under colorful tents.  One can find anything from a specialty item from Ma Belle’s France to a fine cup of coffee to enjoy it with, hand done socks, plants all spun to the magic of spring.  During the winter months, through the end of March,  many of these vendors spend Saturday morning from 10A-1P inside the Public Works Building offering greens, root vegetables and more.
Leicester Farmer’s Market, has a bit more restrictive schedule opening only on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at 338 Leicester Highway, Leicester.

The third tail gate market can be found at the YMCA Woodfin location open every Saturday from 10A-12:30P.  The vendor fees associated with this location help the Y to offer a myriad of very needed community intervention strategies throughout the year.  

Part of how our community benefits from these growers is that there is local awareness that if we wish to see the things that really distinguish Asheville continue to thrive we must participate.  For the sustainable, local based food, local artists, musicians, community music and theatre and all off that makes our city special to continue- We must be part of the solution. We must patronize and support them.

You need not ask today for whom the Rooster crows….It crows for thee.  Get thee to the tail gate market today.  In doing this, you can accomplish many things.
They’ll be all kinds of options for locally grown, yummy food, likely you’ll see many of your friends there…Knowing Asheville like I do, someone will be finding a beautiful melody on an instrument of their choice helping us all beat back the doldrums of winter and these growers can be supported and continue to thrive nourishing all of us both individually and in community.    

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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