Asheville Finds The Brazilian Steakhouse Connection

 Asheville and great eats are becoming synonymous terms.
  I dedicated many of the last blog posts to the new food finds in this little hamlet because as an innkeeper I couldn’t even keep up with the number of new openings no less expect my guests, unfamiliar with the area, to be able to accomplish this.

meat skewered with silver metal spears cooking on a black grill

When we first arrived in Asheville in 1999, we dined at Magnolia’s as many locals since 1988 had been doing before us. We love dining  Al Fresco and no question about the fact that this local haunt enjoyed one of the best courtyards in the city.  Regretfully, Magnolia’s closed this past October but Asheville, not long on mourning, will enjoy this as the new location for Brasilia Churrasco Steakhouse, Brazilian Steakhouse. 

The new owner, Shutao Wang is expecting be be open at the corner of Market and Walnut Street long about February 2014.  He is hopeful that with his vast choice of meat skewers served table side by roving “gauchos” AKA cowboys coupled with his 35 item salad bar he will soon become one of sought after upper end dining choices in Asheville.  We wish him very good luck and look forward to enjoying the courtyard experience of this great spot again.

More information on this up and comer will likely be made available as well as their opening progress @  This place is well within walking distance of our inn so if you feel the need for meat and cowboys, we’ll happily host your visit here at the inn.  Bon Appetit!

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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