The Local Taco, a Tex-Mex Asheville Experience

3 different offerings of tex mex food plated on white dishes placed on brown wood table.

This blog about The Local Taco at 68 N. Lexington here in Asheville, NC will discuss only one of the locations of this dining establishment. It also has locations in Greenville, South Carolina, Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee and lastly, Lexington, Kentucky.
Being a creature of habit, I mourn Boca, the previous dining option at this location, which was one of my favorite lunch haunts but it is gone and one must move on… so back to The Local Taco.

Fortunately, when Boca left…the lovely patio I so enjoyed there remained. I love outdoor seating.  It disperses noise far more effectively than being contained in four walls and offers one an opportunity to be in nature, watch folks as they pass and be in the sunshine. All good.

Innkeepers we are- so lunch it usually is for us.  A bit about the lunch experience and the experience offered by The Local Taco in general.
Tortillas are available in flour or corn and are said to be locally made. There are tacos available utilizing food choices you may never have thought of for a “taco application.”  I was feeling adventurous the day we went and egged on by another couple in the courtyard pronouncing them “AWESOME” I went out on a ledge and signed on for the Korean Bar B Q. taco.  I told you ….be prepared for some very interesting options.  My sister accompanied us for this lunch and she is a die hard fan of anything looking like a beef brisket.  So, Smoked Brisket Taco for her.  As surely as my sister will find a brisket in her path, my husband will always be in search of duck…He completed the order with Duck and Shitake mushroom taco. No one signed on for the “kick it up a notch torching of the palate” that could easily be provided by the habanero sauce this place offers as its “bang-bang” option so I cannot speak to that save to say that from the very animated expression of the couple in the courtyard I spoke about earlier in this blog…It looked a bit dangerous.

Many would tell you that Asheville has some pricey eateries and I would not disagree but this place is a bargain.  My beloved courtyard remains in place and I feel a return trip might be on order.  Gary will go for the Southern Fried, I will absolutely trip the light fantastic with Tequila Lime Chicken and I am going to try and round up the same couple in the courtyard to help my sister to the ledge of choosing something else beside the brisket which she really liked.  A person has to leave the comfort zone some time.

If tacos are not your forte, quesadillas, salads  (including kale, which looked amazing) and some fine looking homemade guacamole are also available.    

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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