Isa’s Bistro, A Yummy Asheville Experience

sugar snap pea salad displayed on square white plate

More than a few of the last blogs have been dedicated to new dining opportunities in our town. Recently, they have been legion with a new one popping up with a frequency that boggles the mind.

We have lived here for quite some time and Isa’s Bistro has taken over a space with great history.  This nifty corner was once occupied by one of our favorite lunch spots-The Flying Frog.  Vijay Shastri, the long time owner of that restaurant, has fixed more than a few lunches for us …First at The Flying Frog when he took over this location and then Mr. Frog’s Soul and Creole Kitchen on Market (he has since had to close due to renovations on this location.)  Currently, this perfect outdoor seating location has been occupied by Isa’s Bistro. Taking over such a popular location brings more than a little pressure to bear that you are equal to the task of delivering same. 

Isa’s Bistro has a smallish menu. It changes daily taking form based as closely as possible on local availability. This can be the good news and the bad news. Often our guests seek information online doing a surveillance mission of the menu helping them decide if what is available for dining is something that would pique their fancy.  Not much use in looking if what you see there is constantly changing but while the menu may alter- the context of what their food is about likely won’t. 

 Isa’s Bistro serves both lunch and dinner seven days a week in addition to Sunday brunch.   The lunch menu is smallish if you are seeking a sammy.  They day we went there were four sandwich options.  We nearly left as none of them were calling my name. It was a lovely day and we have always loved that location so I went for the salad, inclusive of seared salmon, local produce and cranberries and my husband sought the comfort of the turkey sandwich-The Bistro Club.  It was our intention to share.  We did and it was yummy.  I think that if you are looking for a very varied menu with many options this may not be your location.  On the other hand, if you value freshness, beautifully presented lunch offerings, have a penchant for outdoor dining on the very best “people watching corner” downtown offers and are willing choose from a limited but sparkling fresh menu- I can pretty well guarantee you will love this place.  

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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