Latin Food Flair in Asheville

a brown wood table top with a glass bottle of coca cola, a bowl with salsa and plantains.

Asheville is noted for being a bit of a food mecca.  Havana’s Restaurant located in 1 Battle Square, just catty-corner to the Grove Arcade has recently changed owners.
  Hector Contrares, after 7 years of turning out Cuban cuisine downtown, has relocated to Alabama.  Hector has been a part of our local food scene in Asheville for upwards of 25 years and we wish him well in wherever life takes him. 

New owners, Chris Kronberg along with his trusty partners,  Samantha Rink and Kurt Langkau will be carrying the torch now and hope to partner with local vendors and breweries to bring some new innovation to the place.  Live music, currently on tap for Wednesday-Sunday only are on a hopeful target to be available every single day of the week. 

Chris has plans for a bit of a new decor
inclusive of a new ceiling.  A bit of a name change appears in order too and the establishment will now be known as Havana Comida Latina.  In English (Ingles) Eat Latin Food.  So, what are you waiting for? 

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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