Asheville Eats, Newbie Number 3

The Bull and Beggar is a difficult animal to define in restaurant terms. Perhaps architecturally too.-but it makes you want to.
  Concrete, mirrors and unbelievably high ceilings combine with polished mahogany to create an upscale atmosphere without a touch of uppity.  A completely re-designed space speaking in equal measure to both warehouse and Asheville arty. The bar is beautiful and invites a sit down for wine, beer or other libations just to take in the view. Its white brick exterior sports a plainly lettered sign: The Bull and Beggar Est. 2013   It is the subject of this blog. 

A white,round plate on silver colored counter containing cheeseburger on bun, pickle slices.  Kitchen apparatus in background.

  It is housed in the River Arts District just down from The Wedge Brewery @ 37 Paines Way with the very cool and totally mnemonic devicesque number 007.

This Asheville original is right off the griddle so to speak with a very recent opening (Saturday, July13 2013) – So recent in fact that though I have tried to go…I have not yet made personal contact with this eatery.  Not to worry though because a young woman working at our inn has first hand knowledge of this place (her beau cooks there.)  As beau’s are want to do- he has taken her to sample the magic here and she has acclaimed it wondrous.  The burger (nice photo on their FB page) looks like something that would easily feed the plantation. The seafood, complete with peel and eat shrimp and oysters on the half shell are fresh and simple. There are also combo platters of seafood available either one tiered or two tiered service ($65 & $85 respectively) as well as mussels and clams.

Great expectations of this place as local chef, Matt Dawes from Table and Drew Wallace, co-owner of The Admiral have joined their considerable forces in this new venture.  Roasted Chicken,Steak, Pork pies and Periwinkles all at the same location.  Don’t know what Periwinkles are????….make a visit to this Asheville RAD location and you soon will.    

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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