Asheville Eats, Newbie Number 2

view of the inside of north asheville restaurant, Ambrozia Bar and Bistro

OK little foodies, pressing onward on the path of tracking down Asheville’s eatery explosion of late finds us exploring the territory of Ambrozia Bar and Bistro.
  This establishment can be found slightly south of the bird sanctuary and also Beaver Lake, the current occupants of  the space that used to house my old favorite of Artisan Deli.  It no longer bears any resemblance to a sandwich shoppe either inside the door or definitely inside the kitchen.

What we have here is Sam Etheridge’s move from Albuquerque NM bringing all his creative talents to Asheville NC  in the form of many favorites re-vamped into things you would have never thought of.
For example there is the corn dog-an American icon….but Sam has morphed that into the lobster-sausage corn dog.  There is a heavy southern influence in his cooking style but not the only influence drawing also from southwestern, Caribbean, Asian, European cultures in his creations.

It is their hope that the North Asheville neighborhood adopts this as a place for a snack, a very intriguing cocktail, a place of meeting, greeting and having a brew and a snack.  In other words, they are about the food, but that need not necessarily be dinner.  That said,  they turn out some interesting and out of the box culinary creations relying heavily on seasonal availability, home atmosphere and innovative cooking styles.  Drop by and see what you think.  The watermelon-basil salad with, of all things, vanilla vinaigrette is quite simply out of this world.  I would have thought of the feta…I would not have thought of the vanilla vinaigrette and it is just that kind of out of the box thinking that  Ambrozia does best. 

If you decide to stay the night in Asheville, we’d love to host your stay and our breakfast will blow you away.

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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