Asheville Eats, Newbie Number 1

I have lived in Asheville for 15 years now as a bed and breakfast owner and the number of new restaurants dotting our landscape recently is boggling my mind.  All the guests are abuzz and so I have decided to include blogs on the newest offerings as much to familiarize myself as to assist my guests in the latest offerings our little hamlet has drummed up.

First my ongoing blog list is to be: Farm Burger.  The first big attraction I see for this place is location, location, location.  Downtown is such a vibrant and fun place aside from dining that having a dining location there is just icing on the cake-kind of like a one stop shop.

In viewing their website, it appears they have locations in Decatur, Dunwoody and Buckhead, Ga. along with their Asheville offering.  They serve hamburgers but only those sweet grass fed never antibiotic exposed, grain exposed or hormone enhanced. Chicken and vegan selections are also available.
For an additional $1 or $2 -there are other fine enhancements you are able to add.

Fries and also shakes can be found at this local establishment.  For those looking to explore the varietal hops Asheville is noted for see their beer menu and even those of the vino persuasion seem to be well served here.

Not really up for an entire lunch but feeling a bit snacky.  They have that covered too…Deviled eggs, mac and cheese and chicken livers just to name a few.

The kiddies are included in the party with a special menu dedicated to little eats of fun description. 

So, if Moo, or Cluck is on your mind….Or if you’ve given up these two and are feeling like “partaking in the veggies”, this location at 10 Patton Avenue can deliver you to your burger dreams come true.

Next week, the next selection on the newest of Asheville Eats. 

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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