Great Souvenirs from Paul Taylors Sandals and Belts

Souvenirs come with differing price tags.  Often, choice in what to bring home from your travels originates with items the area  being visited has achieved notoriety in.  Fine, aged, cheese from Wisconsin, sombreros hailing from Mexico, perfume essence of France and more.
  More than a few of my guests come here for Paul Taylors Sandals and Belts.
Paul has a 40 year tradition of sandal construction from Michigan to N.Y and now Asheville.  His leather is both highly durable as well as aesthetically pleasing.  No imported leather on these babies and there is choice in styling. My personal preference is Number 4  It is stable on the foot and hence utilitarian for climbing stairs, walking for long distances while maintaining supreme comfort. Don’t feel the need to be restricted though as there are 7 designs from which to choose.

The clientele seeking this shoe is in complete understanding of the joys of the custom shoe made exclusively for the purchaser delivering all the comfort one would expect in a product of this kind. They are not mass produced, arriving from China, Korea etc.  The sandal and belt making craft has been shared by Paul to his very interested apprentice, Hecht,  later actually purchasing and running this shop in the aftermath of his mentors retirement in 2010.  Hecht’s  wife, in design mode, now offering baby shoes too.

We are not talking tee-shirt pricing at a beginning price of $300 but we are talking a 2 year warranty in place on your sandals unless the dog in the family switches from eating  every piece of your child’s “homework” to taking a nibble or two from the shoes. Colors gorgeous-(check out my personal fave- Rosewood), from the two leading leather companies in the good U.S. of A, putting America to work and continuing a historic craft of  leather craft is a magnificent side affect.   

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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