Our Urban Trail

Hikers present at many skill levels.  Some are looking for back country, real out in the woods, might see wildlife or bear scene and some are just looking for a cool, informative walk in a new city.
  Our urban trail provides the later experience in spades.  At first glance, the city of Miami and the city of Asheville might seem to have nothing at all in common.  Geographically, one is on the east coast of Florida while the other enjoys a Western North Carolina exposure but both are awash in Art Deco architecture.  
We hope you will enjoy this hike and it is likely the only one on our hiking list in which you can stop after a bit, listen to a music busker, have a cup of cappuccino or find a bathroom you don’t have to lean on a tree to make use of.  Now note, I did not say you wouldn’t see a bear.  They have been known to find the downtown area too.  We don’t know whether it is the art, the music, the culturally diverse and excellent cuisine or the vibe and they’re not talking!

Where is the hike:  Downtown

Duration:  1.7 miles  Hard to put a time frame on this as it will depend upon how much information you choose to obtain about each point of interest on the hike and how much shopping and coffee/beer drinking you subscribe to as you stroll.  This can be self guided with the the assistance of an audio tour or every Saturday at 3 p.m. April-November- a guided tour is available.  

What can you see:    The Grove Arcade, Saint Lawrence Basilica, an arbor edged bench in honor of the country’s first female doctor, Pack Place, functioning both as an entertainment venue as well as educational art museum & more.  You can pick up an audio tour at Pack Place to really help you locate the markers on our urban trail and appreciate their significance.

Enjoy the exercise and have a fine time. 

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