Max Patch Bald

Promised on my Facebook page that we would put out several great hikes you might enjoy taking during your visit.  
The first few of these are hikes Gary and I have actually taken ourselves so we share knowing you will really enjoy them. Many of the hiking books out there I really feel put out too much information.  
If you and Gary are anything like us…when the time to take the hike actually presents itself, the decision has been made to take the hike we just want the basics-“Where is it?-Degree of difficulty-Length of hike-What will we see? 

So, that is what this series of hikes will provide. We have several resource books available at our inn that will provide excellent detailed information for your perusal.
Max Patch Bald Summit
Where:  134.6  N-S   184.3 S-N
Degree of difficulty:  There is a significant incline. 
Length of Hike itself:  Once you are actually at the site of this summit I would say it is approximately 15 minutes up the hill.  Frankly, it will depend on whether you stop on the way up for resting (AKA-respirating) or the view of the surrounds or continue onward directly.
What’s to see: On one side you will be wowed with Mount Mitchell and several other towering peaks are available to be seen from the top of Max Patch Summit-Looking to the other side as far as the eyes can see there is a completely unobstructed view of our beautiful Smokies. Take a picnic and spend some time at the top.  It is as beautiful and quiet a place as you can imagine. Serenity at its finest.  
Happy Hiking!       

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