Lunch in Asheville with Cecilia

 Gary and I are much more do “lunch” folks than go to dinner folks.  This preference has developed quite naturally in response to owning an inn.
We begin our own day very early in preparation for the three course gourmet breakfast our guests so enjoy.  After arming them with all the information they need to take Asheville by storm  and clean up is complete….sometimes, we seek out the latest yummy lunch treat Asheville has too offer.  I mean, don’t you think it is our professional innkeeping responsibility to stay abreast of what’s fine, innovative, fresh and yummy allowing us first hand, reliable,  information to relay to our guests?  Just say “yes.”

On one such expedition we found a treasure in  Cecilia’s Kitchen.  The biggest treasure of course was the delightful, funny, totally capable chef- Cecile herself. However, one could be distracted because the minute you open the door that first note of the finest of aromas assails your nose and you know you are in the hands of masters. Wow…but we’ll get to more of that later.  The first thing to note is that inside seating is minimal. Counter seats line two walls and there is a table in the corner for those just lucky enough to time their arrival perfectly and snag it.  Outside, abounds some lovely patio seating which I fully intend to maximize when winter finally yields to hopeful Spring. Can’t wait for that. 

The menu is crepes of many choices, empanadas (small, delectable pastry filled with all sorts of choices from broccoli to meat.) Perfect for grabbing and running.  Salads and soups available too.  The dressing is a mandarin based affair and so tasty.  The greens fresh, fun and local.  Now, on to Stephane & romancing the crepe.  Hailing from France and bringing all that to bear his crepes are extraordinary.  We enjoyed the mushrooms and cheese and it was hot, fresh as a daisy and quite simply perfect.  We also had a broccoli empanada which was petite and delicious.

Locals might have seen Cecilia in her food truck-AKA Ceci’s Culinary Tour  which is found both at The Wedge and North Asheville Tailgate Market and all of us are delighted she has now opened this small but so very worthy 2nd location.  Go say hello, have an empanada, soup, a crepe  or salad.  They have gluten free options, vegan and vegetarian fare as well. 

Cecilia feels that the kind of food she prepares both at Cecilia’s Kitchen and also for the food truck is what she would cook and offer to friends.  Trust me on this….You will want to be one of Cecilia’s friends. Not only is she as charming and friendly as can be….much to all our benefits…this woman can cook and I don’t mean maybe!

Cecilia’s Kitchen:  961 Merrimon Avenue Asheville NC :  Breakfast on Saturday 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m.   Weekdays: 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m.   (828) 545-9107.

The Food Truck:  The Wedge on Sunday from 3 p.m.-9 p.m. Wednesday and Friday  4 p.m.-9 p.m. 
North Asheville Tail Gate Market:  April-December 8 a.m.-12 p.m.

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