Birds of Prey

Every time I think I have seen it all in my beloved city, something else pops up.  Well, in this particular case, something flew up but either way.
  Asheville is not such a small town.  In fact, we are the largest city in Western North Carolina but having lived here for nearly 14 years now we notice that this place operates very much with a small town feel.  An example.  My sister and I go to the same hair salon, Chestnut Hill Salon
Her stylist sent her a little note in the mail about an odd occurrence.  She sighted large vultures in great numbers perched in a local tree and in kindness, knowing my sister is a aviary enthusiast and would love to see check this out,  the note included directions on their roosting site.

Gary and I love anything nature oriented and are always interested in seeing cool things like the bear that scaled the tree in our downtown, to the wild turkey’s that marched around St. Lawrence Basilica just like they were heading to Mass and other strange and wonderful sitings we have observed during our tenure here.  Needless to say, my sister phoned us, provided the location of said birds and off we went.

Vultures generally dine on the remnants of dead bodies.  Couldn’t really think of a poetic way to say that.  Of custom, North Carolina offers a home to two species of these birds.
In Western North Carolina and the Piedmont area of the state one is more likely to see the Black vulture.  As we made our way to the area to find the birds as reported en mass resting in two trees in East Asheville, the whole sky was dotted with these birds- all apparently heading toward the same location. These are very big birds and the sight of so many of them …well, does Alfred Hitchcock’s -The Birds ring any bells?  As,  adults they are about 68 oz. with a generous 55-63″ wingspan.  Nothing dainty here. There is a small bit of information on them at our local Western North Carolina Nature Center if you’d like to read it.   Well, we finally make our way to the designated trees to observe.  Wow is all I can say.  Hope you can find your way to the Facebook page at the inn.  We took pictures for 2 reasons: 1. Because sometimes, words just don’t cut it. This was one of those times.  2.  No one would believe it if we hadn’t.  This place continues to amaze.  Keep watching- We will, it’s untelling what will show up next!

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