Christmas Trees in Asheville NC

It’s that time of year again-in which households all across America are searching for just the right Christmas tree.  Christmas trees in Asheville NC can be found anywhere from our awesome Tail gate markets dotted in locations across the city to the Farmer’s Market. Private lots in various neighborhoods also have trees available.   

Sometimes though, the family Christmas tree can be transformed into more than a purchase.  It can become an experience! That is what The Cartner Family Tree Farm offers locals.

My husband & I first became acquainted Sam Cartner, the patriarch of this business based in Newland, NC after Gary’s parents moved just up the road from Sam and his wife, Margaret in their retirement years.  A section of Cartner property was at the base of the mountain on which they made their retirement home. Sam and Margaret welcomed them heartily to Newland and when we visited, Doris, Gary’s Mom insisted we meet the Cartner’s.  They graciously showed us their lovely tree farm and we excitedly selected our special tree during our stay with Gary’s parents. They explained it would then be cut at the appropriate time and shipped to us in Florida.  Awesome!

At that time I was still working as a registered nurse and Gary for Florida Power and Light.  Never in a million years did either of us imagine that over 20 years later, we would own an Asheville Bed and Breakfast in the very same town in which one of Sam and Margaret’s sons, David & his bride,Ginny would practice law @ Cartner and Cartner.
Sam and Margaret have now placed the tree farm with them.   Currently, concurrent to  maintaining their law practice in Asheville, he and his wife operate the family tree farm. Taking on different responsibilities they both are intimately involved in the maintenance of this over 300 acre family business. 

So, if you are looking to start a very cool family tradition that your kids will remember long after the standard trip to the Christmas tree lot- Pack the kids in the car and in an easy 1.5 hours easy drive you will find yourselves at Cartner Tree Farm.  There you will be provided a measuring stick, a tag and led to the area of trees in which you will find your perfect Christmas tree.  Just like magic, your tree will be harvested and contained in a handy dandy net.  Well trained staff place it in your trunk or on top of your vehicle and off you go.

My child, now over 40   was delighted beyond measure with this whole procedure.  We were living in Florida at this time and the idea of selecting her special family tree held magical appeal.  I think it will for your family too.  Happy Christmas Tree hunting.  Thank you Sam and Margaret for years of wonderful Christmas memories for both our family, my husband’s family and I am sure many others.

Oh, thanks also for the help that long ago snowy night when arriving late from our trip from Florida to NC, a tired child in tow- as inexperienced Florida folks nearly driving off your snowy mountainside you rescued us with a tow. Not only tree folks, but fine folks for sure.   

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