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Christmas has come, the packages unwrapped, put away and the credit card bills are on their way.  Now comes the time for some economic belt tightening helping to free up a bit of cash enabling us to actually pay for the items we bought.  

That said, Christmas, while Merry, can be exhausting leaving us with a bit of want for someone else to do the cooking.  Nine Mile is your ticket.  Sometimes the term “cheap eats” can be dive like.  Nine Mile is firmly and loyally supported by locals.  Once the tourists dine there….they wish they were the locals.  The entrees are Caribbean fusion. All heat ratios can be accommodated with appropriate notice to your server.  From red hot to mild, they do it all-Well! Their well prepared, locally sourced food is a joy to all of us fortunate enough to live in the historic district.

We often recommend this place for our guests just arriving after long periods of time in their vehicle because it is a 5 minute walk from the inn.  Aside from this, it is some of the most inspired food vibe in our city developing quite the rep. for being a foodie haven.  This place is both vegetarian friendly and vegan friendly.  They are just friendly period and always so customer oriented that it is both a pleasure to dine there as well as make referrals for others to do the same.  

We are happy to share our favorite choices from their menu.

Patti:  Meshach, More Fyah, One Foundation

Gary:  Meshach, Nine Mile, Negril Nights

So, don’t feel too bad about having to take a break from haute, dining.  Though Nine Miles will not fleece your wallet, what you eat will make you feel just like they did.

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